Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guest Post from Natalie Walter: My Wife & I

Guest post from: Natalie Walter
My wife and I finally decided to make the move we’d been waiting for – I love Texas so much! I can’t wait to be here for over a year but it was already really nice to spend Christmas here which we just got through for the first time. I am so happy being in this great home with my little family and my wife and I have even been talking about getting a new dog once we’re here for a while and the yard is set up the way we want it to be. I went to the web to look into TXU energy information because we needed to cut back on the air conditioning rates (it’s really hot here!) and we’ve been able to get our bills down already. I also thought about whether or not we’re going to want to put a pool in eventually and I’m thinking about surprising my wife with one next spring. I am just really happy here and I know it won’t be long before we’ve got something else to tell everyone. We’re pregnantbut none of our family knows yet so it’s going to be a big surprise!


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