Friday, January 13, 2012

Sky the moon & back!

Have you ever heard of Sky Ball? I personally was not aware of the amazingly fun toy until my daughter came home from a friends insisting she needed the ball that went to the moon and back.  Now of course I thought that this was just another bouncy ball but I am amazed at the durability and how far the ball can bounce. Sky Ball by Maui Toys can bounce up to 75 feet in the air if bounce it straight husband has now taking on a new hobby of trying to get it to bounce 75 feet but until the snow melts we have to stick to inside play. The ball bounces four times higher than a basketball and three times higher than a tennis ball. My two year old loves the ball because it is so easy to bounce and she can catch it much easier than a small bouncy ball. Our cats also like to chase the ball around-I think it is the smooth material and see through green color...whatever it may be the Sky Ball has become a family favorite. My daughter also loves to take the ball into the tub and watch it "jump" when she let's go of it underwater. If you need a great toy to keep the kids busy while the weather is awful Sky Ball is a fantastic choice. I cannot wait until summer when we can test out who can bounce the Sky Ball to the moon and back! Here is a great highlight of the Sky Ball in action:


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