Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nutrisystem Week #15

So I have a big announcement....I am officially returning back to work! I started yesterday and even though it is only once a week I completely feel liberated. No longer am a defined by what I do and I am not taking to a toddler all day long. My first day back I thought for sure I would not be able to stick to the Nutrisystem  plan but guess what it was so much easier to travel than I expected. I took by snack with me in the morning and my protein shake in the blender bottle to eat before class then had by snack bar for lunch. I actually found myself drinking more water during the day and had the chance to talk to the ladies about Nutrisystem. So many of the other faculty thought they could not stick with a "diet" because they either sat at a desk all day or ate so much lunch on the go....if nothing else I know that several of the ladies have a new drive to reach their ultimate weight loss! Another big surprise my husband is thinking of starting the plan as well (I know he has taken some of my food in the past!) because he is now a true believer and has seen how easy the plan actually can be and the results. I am very excited at the possibility of having my best friend on my life changing journey and he is excited to loose weight and eat muffins & candy bars! I have had such a great week and have lost another pound-here's to 21lbs. lost and life just beginning!

*A big thanks to Nutrisystem for providing my food in exchange for my honest opinion*


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