Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nutrisystem Week #13

Here are are another week into Nutrisystem SUCCESS and I could not be happier! I am surprised at how full I feel ever day and don't even feel like I am "missing" anything in my diet. This morning I had a donut for breakfast-that's right a donut! It was a delicious little treat complete with chocolate frosting and I also had my coffee protein shake-I must say breakfast has quickly become one of my favorite meals of the day and I never ever ate breakfast before Nutrisystem. I think that is one of my biggest lessons learned on the plan-you have to eat breakfast and get up and move if you want to see results. We have incorporated so much more actual activity into our family life it is incredible. We play games outside, go for family walks after dinner, and are now dancing ourselves skinny with the kinnect. My husband has also lost weight on the plan and loves that we are both changing and gaining more energy every day-no more mid afternoon naps required! Now for the big reveal-I have officially lost 20 pounds!!! That's right 20 pounds in a mere 13 weeks how incredible! I only have 9 more pounds until I reach my goal and know that with 11 weeks remaining on my adventure my goal will be achieved before spring! I cannot wait to go shopping for new clothes before the big anniversary trip-I cannot thank Nutrisystem and their support system enough for changing my life!

*Thank you Nutrisystem for providing my meals in exchange for my honest opinion of the program*


  1. I would love to try Nutrisystem!! following via MBC :)

    1. It really is a life changer! I would not imagine that I could possibly loose 20 pounds without some kind of boot camp experience but this has been amazing!