Friday, January 27, 2012

Girl Land Book Review & Giveaway

Girl Land is one of the best books I have read in a long time. At first I was intrigued to read about what women and young girls have lost and gained as we have changed throughout the generations but soon found the book a great guide to life. As I read about all of the things that are not longer personal in a young girls life and how much technology has changed in our time I began to think what it will be like in five to ten years when my daughter reaches her teen years. I never gave a second thought to the Internet and how something as simple as a sleepover has changed because of all the technology available. The book is written in such an easy to read format and the chapters really stick to the topic and want to you to keep reading...I sat down to read one chapter and found myself halfway through the book. If you have a daughter or any small child in your life this is a must read. How far we have come and yet all the new dangers and pressure now on our youth is incredible. Girl Land (ISBN 978-9-316-06598-6) is a must buy and a great read-enter to win your below!

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