Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Relax and enjoy Kneipp

As we get closer and closer to my daughter's birthday and Easter I begin to get more and more stressed. We also have her First Communion this year so it will be 4 parties back to back for half of March and April! With that being said I am always trying to find ways to relax and recharge before taking on the day. My new go to product is Kneipp lavender bath oil.

Just a tiny cap full can turn your entire bathroom into a relaxing oasis. My husband loves how the oil is light yet carries over  our home to create a light fragrance.  My daughter's favorite product is the lavender bubble bath. 
I like that the smell is not overwhelming and she can relax without me worrying about hurting her body with a fake product. The bubble bath is blue and does need to be applied under running water-my daughter once applied directly to the skin which can leave a slight tint....lesson learned always read the label!

Kneipp products are vegan and sustainable.  I always like to support a company that creates healthy products for the environment and your body.  There are so many choices including products for men, women, and children. We also love the bath salts and lotions for a grease free finish.  Have you ever tried Kneipp? It is available on Amazon and on the Kneipp Official Store!


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