Friday, August 19, 2016

West Virgina-World's Largest Teapot!

Hi All! Time for us to take another short trip before school begins. This week's adventure was to Chester, West Virginia to visit the world's largest teapot.

It was one of the more adventurous trips we have taken in some time. Off the side of the interstate you will find a very large teapot.

We happened to be there during the annual teapot festival so my daughter was excited to order food from the giant window...I really do think they should offer tea all year long!

Down the road we were also able to explore the Fiesta Ware Factory. The best part was the "graveyard" of broken ceramics and seeing all of the fun things you can do with the bowls and plates.

I would say it is a great weekend trip to get off the map for a few days! Have you ever been? What are your favorite finds in Chester, West Virginia?


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