Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tsum Tsum party time!

I cannot believe little miss is going to be 8 in a few short weeks! This year our family party is Tsum Tsum which is not an easy task. My first goal is to create birthday favors on a budget! I really wanted to capture the essence of a giant tsum tsum without the cost of buying a favor box so I began to think and found the perfect solution-toilet paper rolls!

For this project you will need:

Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
Construction Paper and Glue or Paint
card stock for end of roll
 Printer for the faces
small prizes

Step one:

We decided it was easier to use toilet paper  to keep all characters consistent. Once you have the tsum tsum faces printed you hot glue to one end of the toilet paper roll.

Step two:

We then covered the tube in glue from a glue stick and rolled it in normal colored printer paper:

Some of the paper was a little lumpy so we trimmed close to size on the others and made sure the seam of the paper was on the bottom of the roll. We also tucked the paper in the end for a more finished look.

Step three:

Fill with prizes. We used erasers, small plastic animals, a foam key chain, and necklace. Be sure not to over stuff of the head will be pushed off.

Step Four.

Glue the end with the face down and place card stock or thicker paper on the end. Do not flip the tube until it is completely dry or everything will fall out.

Step five:
Once dry flip over and trim off the excess paper. Enjoy your tsum tsum its a great favor and a craft everyone can help with!


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