Monday, October 22, 2012

Win your very own Cutie Pops Dolls!

Are you ready for the holiday season? I know Halloween is next week but I am already full blown into holiday shopping. We had my daughter make a list of her top ten toys and guess who made #1 Cutie Pops Dolls. Have you seen these dolls yet?

We found ours at target and they even have adorable pets! Here is the pet we purchased and we have the doll above in the middle. Each doll has there own pet with interchangeable pieces.

If you have not seen the Cutie Pops Dolls or there friends I highly suggest roaming the toy isle next time you are at Toys r us, walmart, or target. Each dolls comes with hair that easily "pops out" and can be changed in seconds. Our girl came with not only the blond hair you see above but with pink hair made of yarn-I absolutely love the texture difference between the two and my daughter loves that she is control of styling her doll. Along with the hair each comes with different bows, and pieces to change their dress-they even sell additional clothes/hair separate from the dolls and play sets. The doll  also comes with a set of "sleepy eyes" as my daughter calls them which really allows her to realistically interact putting her dolly to bed.
Of course we loved our doll so much we went out and bought the pet with also comes with an interchangeable tail, ears, and collar detail. Both are really high quality and can be posed very easily...our Cutie Pops have completely replaced barbies and I find that they reach a larger age range and increase tactile learning. 
Can't wait to find you own Cutie Pops Dolls? Enter using rafflecopter below to win your very own! (sponsors choice) 

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