Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New favorite laundry "helper"

So you have all read in the past that I make EVERYTHING I can to save anyway I can including laundry soap and dish soap. Now that I am back at work I cannot believe how quick the laundry soap disappears and I find that I don't have the time to wait for the homemade stuff to thicken so I just buy at the store. It makes me so frustrated because I know that this soap is mostly water and I am just tossing money me my husband thinks that you should fill that little laundry cup each load! So I was looking for something simple to use like those dryer bars-no worry just toss and go...I don't have to measure and don't have to worry about someone using 5 times the soap recommend. I came across the Robby Wash laundry ball and have to admit it seemed way to good to be true-I mean it was so easy just toss the ball in and go. So I tried it and after two weeks I must say I am in love. The first few times I used it I would literally smell each piece of laundry that was could this little easy ball get my clothes clean and save me time! It is also green and free of many of the harsh chemicals in your shelf detergent which is one of the big reasons I started using homemade soap. I must say the ball is very cost effective and I cannot imagine every going back to those traditional soaps with the measuring cups that leave behind sticky cups and hands. I also love that little miss can help with the laundry and really feel like a big helper. Speaking of toddlers and laundry the Robby Wash Ball came with this magic little stick that will seriously make you question any bottle of stain remover you have ever used. I tend to stay away from the sprays because they leave the greasy ring or don't remove the stain-not always but enough clothes have been ruined for me to learn my lesson. So I thought why not try this on one of my dogs puppy park shirts...not that it could hurt anything right? That muddy shirt came out looking amazing-since then that magic little stick has been used on chocolate ice cream, coffee (yes sometimes it is like having two children), paint, spaghetti sauce and countless others. I love the Robby Wash laundry ball so much-I want one of you to have the chance to win your very own-use the rafflecopter form below and prepare to be amazed!

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