Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sponsor Highlight Cleava

Imagine this-shopping at the mall and finding the perfect shirt...for me this was not always a great reality. I am so in love with all the tunics for the fall but they seem so low cut! Of course there is no way that I can wear a shirt with tons of cleavage hanging out to any place practical. I found the most amazing (at least what I thought amazing) tunic on clearance online so I had it shipped asap. I need a great outfit to wear to my daughter's Halloween party and dance class meet and greet so I knew this would be perfect....that is until I tried it on! Flash forward 3 shipping days and I was so upset! The perfect tunic fit in all the right places and hid all the right pouches but it had this weird neck cut that was much lower than in the photo-I mean come on nobody wants to see the room mom and all her goods at the Halloween party! But then I remembered my new favorite friend-the Cleava. I have to admit when I first saw the ads I thought “oh that's practical but I NEVER buy clothes that let me hang out” wrong it seems all the shirts made today let it all hang out and not in a flattering 20 something way more of in a I have had a kid and am not trying to flash anyone-ever. So curiosity got the better of me and I tried the Cleava on...first with my new tunic then with a ton of other shirts. I am always layering to keep everything in place but now think that the simple eye trick of the Cleava will be perfect. I am also in that weird hot flash phase so not adding any bulk to my clothes is a plus. The Cleava was super easy to use and took me less than a minute to figure out-that is saying something because I always look for the complex, crazy way to make things work. Overall I am pleasantly surprised with how easily the Cleava can keep you covered without altering the style of the outfit and it is available in so many colors and styles! With the fashionista event approaching I am proud to announce that Cleave will be giving one lucky reader a prize pack valued at $125! The person will receive the following colors & styles: Original Classic in gray, Original Classic in light purple, Lady Lace Corso in nude, and Rhinestone Splash in white! 

Don't forget your free shipping code FSFFM!

Good luck!


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