Monday, October 8, 2012

Sponsor Highlight Zipz Shoes

Have you ever loved the way a pair of shoes fit your feet but wanted to change the style? For example I have a pair of pink running shoes that I love to wear and make my feet feel amazing but go with absolutely nothing. So in my quest for practical shows I came across Zips Shoes. Never heard of them? Me either-they are like a great best kept secret. The shoes tops actually zip off and change so you can have a different pair of shoes everyday without worrying about changing the sole and feel of your show. You can also change the style of your shoe from high top to low top...I tell you this is revolutionary to the shoe world especially when it comes to my daughter! She can go for princess sparkles in her supermodel shoes to practical for jeans and a t-shirt look. Here are our "princess sparkle" shoes:
See the zipper? It is so easy to take off the top and change...think of the endless possibilities. Now when you travel you don't need to pack a ton of different shoes and worry about going over the weight limit-just throw in a couple tops to your Zipz and you are all set! The shoes are available in you size 12-4 and adult 5-13. There are also a huge selection of styles..everything from tie shoes to slides! Be sure to enter our fashionista event to win your very own Zipz Shoes!


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