Friday, December 16, 2011

Nutrisystem Week #9- Welcome New Chef Table Collection

Week nine on Nutrisystem has been a full on adventure-I have given in a little and hit rock bottom more than once this week but also bounced back! In the beginning of the week I had to make cookies for my daughter's holiday party-let's just say I was not ready to tempt myself! I thought I could eat just one but that was a disaster and then I felt to bad about myself for straying from my goal that I ate junk all day long. One thing is for sure I woke up the next morning feeling disgusting and had a new sense of what my goal is all about-amazing how much food can change how your body functions on a day to day basis. The highlight of my week was a suprise package at my door of the new collection of the Chef Table meals from Nutrisystem. The new foods are full of flavor and part of a great new SUCCESS program which incoorporates a variery of foods and the personalized "My Daily 3" activity program. SUCCESS by Nutrisystem has also teamed up with Janet Jackson who has had a great change in her own weightloss adventure thanks to Nutrisystem. I am very excited about the program because they are adding new desserts and the new food using steam technology-the sort of remind me of the steamer bags with the vegetables and my new favorite is the crepes-delicious! With all the new options and the holiday ahead I am hoping to stay strong and at least maintain my weight if not lose a few pounds next week-here's to 16 pounds and counting!

*Thank you to Nutrisystem for providing my meals in exchange for my honest opinion*


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