Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Guide Highlight:Personalized Teddy Bears!

Now I know what you are thinking a teddy bear is a teddy bear right-wrong! I have come across one of the cutest sites ever dedicated to teddy bears and personalized items for your teddy bear....imagine presenting your love one with an adorable bear wearing a shirt with your photos saying "will you marry me". Of course this is something you create on Huggable Teddy Bears and as the holidays approach I am a sucker for any good proposal story!
Now my favorite bear they have to offer is the "Mother to be" bear. Often pregnant women get lost in the holiday season and are bombarded with gifts for the baby to be...I was pregnant during the holidays and received so many gifts for the baby! Now I am not complaining but we need to remember that there is a person carrying that little baby that everyone loves so what better than presenting the special someone with a mom to be bear holding a gift card to a maternity store or a pedicure.

Now these are a just a few of my great ideas when it come to the wide variety of bear available. There are custom shirts, sports themed bears, gift baskets, and really gifts for any occasion. The quality of the bears is impeccable and they really do have something for everyone this season. With great customer service and a wide selection Huggable Teddy Bears would be a great addition to any gift!

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