Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nutrisystem Week #10

So week #10-I cannot believe that I have lasted over two months on a "program". I lost another pound last week which is amazing considering I went to three holiday parties and a bunch of shopping dates with friends-thank you Nutrisystem for encouraging words during the holiday season...eating before going to a party really makes a HUGE difference! I managed to stick to the main meals and not "save" my calories for all the holiday treats. Now I will admit I did eat a cookie and a chocolate covered cherry-but guess what I came with a plan. I cut the cookie into fourths and then ate one piece....after an hour if I still wanted the cookie I knew I could come back for another piece but the sweet taste was long gone and that little cookie was just as satisfying as eating the whole plate-thanks Nutrisystem for teaching me portion control! Now if I can survive all of those temptations I know I can make it through this weekend and the rest of my's not about what I eat it is about the quantity (well of course I am not saying I can eat junk like crazy but one bite is satisfying). I am going into the new year with a new outlook on life-I have made it over two months eating great food and watching my body change-there is no going back to 179 for this girl!

*thank you Nutrisystem for proving my food in exchange for my honest opinions*

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