Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nutrisystem Week #11

Well the holidays are over and I am happy to say that I stuck to the plan more than I had anticipated. I took the holiday planning advice from Nutrisystem and ate my meals before going to each family dinner and actually found that I did not over eat! Now I am not going to lie I cheated more than I have ever cheated before-a small bite of cake here, some ham there, and who can resist the egg nog and cookies. So while I did indulge I did not drink a whole glass of egg nog (cannot believe the calories in one glass) or eat a whole plate of cookies but I did enjoy the holidays with my family. I now do NOT link a good time with food-it was great to just laugh and catch up with friends at one of our homes instead of focusing the entire visit or food. Next week my SUCCESS order will arrive and I am so excited it is ridiculous-I cannot wait to taste the donuts and protein shakes. One of the shakes is coffee flavored and another is delicious! I would also like to mention that Nutrisystem was feature on one of the late night shows with Terry Bradshaw and as I watched him talk about his goals I realized we are all in this together. I am a huge believer in  Nutrisystem and so thankful to find a weight loss program that not only cares about weight loss but you as a person. Holding strong at 17 pounds lost and loving ever second!


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