Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Saute Pan for a Great Price!

I have been on the hunt to redo my kitchen pots and pans for some time but I wanted to find something that fit into my life and would last.  I recently cam across the Bialetti Aeternum Saute Pan and immediately fell in love with the red color. The pan is very chic and I knew that it would fit into my kitchen perfectly not to mention my daughter loves red! I was very excited about the fact that because the pan was red my little one agreed to eat anything I cooked in the "princess pan"-so worth it at this point! When it comes to cleaning the white interior of the pan makes it perfect for any busy person. I could actually see if I missed anything instead of tilting the pan round and round in the light hoping everything came off. Now I simply cook our dinner and then have an easy clean- I feel really great about having this pan it is durable and looks just as great as the first day! The pan is Eco friendly and PFAO free. Want to buy it? You can buy your very own Bialetti Aeternum Saute Pan at many retailers including, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Kitchen Kapers. Feel free to share your own amazing pan stories below :)


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