Thursday, June 2, 2011

Craft time is in full swing!

As many of you have read my daughter loves to make crafts! Now only if I could convince her that coloring is just as fun as getting out the glue and paints and whatever else we can find in the closet. Lucky for us we have a glass top dining table which is so easy to clean. After all of the crafting I just have to spray down with a little vinegar and water and we are good to go! Become has a very large selection of tables and we are in the process of trying to find a nice square dining table that will seat six. The possibilities are endless at this point and I have even found a table with six black chairs-it is so trendy I am sure that it will fit nicely into the dining area.
Not in the market for a new table? Become has a large selection of vinyl tablecloths that are sure to fit into any setting. I like to keep a few table clothes in the car for impromptu picnics in the car whether to use as a blanket in the grass or on the picnic tables (you never know what could be on that table) especially since my little one like to put all the food on the table instead of keeping it on the plate. Table clothes are available in all sizes and my personal favorite is the  patriotic stars tablecloth which will be perfect for the 4th of July! While shopping for the holiday don't forget to shop for chairs for the parade-dish chairs are both practical and comfortable. We plan on getting one for the toy room and will take it with us because of how easy it is to fold and go!

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