Thursday, May 5, 2016

Next Stop Creole Queen

Our next stop was of course to explore a local river boat dinner cruise. My daughter was in love with the whole design of the boat and wanted to sing the down the river like Tiana from the princess and frog.
After doing a bit of research we settled on the Creole Queen.  The food served on the cruise was going to be just the right amount of spice and authentic cuisine while serving things we knew our daughter would eat as well. Upon boarding the boat we were greeted with jazz music and dancing: it did not take long for my daughter to drag my husband out to the upper deck to dance-
We had so much good food to eat and the view of the city at night was breathtaking. It was definitely a different spin on the streets we had explored during the day. I would say if you have the time to do one of the dinner cruises on the river. It really gives you the feel what New Orleans is like and the overall history of the city.


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