Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Final Stop Mardi Gras World

So I saved my favorite for last- Mardi Gras World! We were not really sure what to expect pulling up to a large warehouse in an industrial side of town but were ready for another adventure. Upon entering you go into the gift shop and get your ticket (which is a fun necklace) for the tour.  When it is time you are met by your guide and escorted into a room where you learn the history of Mardi Gras, try on some great costumes, and try some king cake.  After a few minutes it time to visit the warehouse:
Who knew so much went into making the floats for the many parades! We were able to go each station and watch how a drawing really comes to life. I liked seeing how they are able to reuse and recycle some of the pieces each year for other floats. The amount of dedication we say and lifelike designs was incredible. This was my favorite piece:
We continued our warehouse tour and saw the many floats the different groups use during the parades. It was interesting to learn how much time, money, and thought goes into each float. My daughter found it crazy the floats even have bathrooms since you can be on there for 7 hours!
The detail was beyond incredible. If you are traveling to New Orleans with your children this is my top pick of things to do and not miss!


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