Tuesday, May 24, 2016


We are now in Destin, Florida for a few days and heard of a must do restaurant called Fudpucker's. The draw of the restaurant is feeding live alligators!
There is also a restaurant attached which we did eat dinner but you do not have to eat dinner to feed the alligators.  It was definitely an go and buy pellet food and put on a fishing pool before dropping it down into the water.
It was a bit unnerving when they would latch on the pole and tug the bait from you-of course my daughter thought it was the best thing ever! We did go at night so I can imagine during the day your would be able to see the alligators coming up for the food a bit better and it may not be as suprising.
We did eat at the restaurant and it was ok- food wasn't horrible just typical "bar food". Our daughter did get a pizza and was very happy with her surprise guest:
I would say that eating at the restaurant is a fun experience for the kiddos and the drinks are good. They do have alligator on the menu but we did not try it-they may be a great time to try something new. All in all I would say don't miss feeding the alligators but the restaurant can be a miss.


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