Friday, April 29, 2016

Welcome to New Orleans!

We will spend the next few days in New Orleans.....hopefully eating beignets and creating wonderful memories. Our first stop of course was the hotel-look at the view:

The tree outside of our window was covered in necklaces like most trees in the area. It have a whimsical care free feeling to the entire trip-so much so that we went out for treats well after 11 with our child in tow!
She did not mind the late night adventure and even found a great mask to keep "fancy" during our late night stroll. The next morning we spend exploring some of the historic sights and parks in the area.

Everything is so bright and colorful. Each building just oozes history and southern charm. Later this week we will be going on a creole cruise and exploring the mardi gras factory. I believe this will be a vacation full of color and wonder!


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