Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pawalla Box-Happy Birthday Cooper!

My loving little fluff ball turns 7 today! I cannot believe that it has been that long since I found him in the woods. He was just a tiny little ball of fluffy matted fur with big green eyes. I immediately took him home and had every intention of finding him a place to leave....7 years later we can see how that is working out!
For my special little man I wanted to get him something different just like him. True story-when you call him he runs to you like a dog and meows something that sounds like "coming mom". He is also on a special diet because of his sensitive stomach so it makes gift giving a little tricky. My new go to place for pet treats is Pawalla Box. It is for both dogs and cats and can even be given as a gift! I love them because everything is organic and selected by a pet nutritionist. They ask you a few questions about your pet and send a personalized box-here is Cooper's box:
Do you see the Meostard lower right corner? I have never heard of it before and Cooper goes crazy for his "dinner sauce" as little miss would say. There were also these great freeze tried chicken treats and Cooper's favorite the catnip toy:
It is so cute to see him drag the toy from room to room like a little puppy. Pawalla is such an easy service to use-you set up how many boxes you want and do not have to worry about being charged each month or cancelling a membership. We are going to start ordering on a regularly basis just to experience all the new treats, toys, and food available-it really is a great surprise in a box!

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