Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boys only ice cream social featuring Xtreme Customz!

As you know my house is usually filled with glitter and pink....not a very fun place to bring your friends over if you are an 8 year old boy! So I decided to make last Saturday boy's only ice cream party. This meant no barbies out in the toy room, taking down our pink sparkly cloud/curtain, and above all do all things boy. To kick off this amazing ice cream social we gave each boy a Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz Batman car and an angry bird coloring book.

So how did the cars go over? Let's just say I think I may have started a "boy's only" tradition. Each of the boys had a chance to build and customize their own car.
 The parts were very easy to snap on and off and you could choose what you would like to include. Each of the boys choose to add different accessories and I was amazed at how the same kit could look so different! Unfortunately my house became a high end race track-we had cars "jumping" from the couch, windows, and book case. The boys thought it was great that they could "break" the cars into pieces and reassemble into a new car. My favorite game that they played was transforming the car into a new "secret" car to hide from the Joker.

There are so many other styles available including Spiderman- I see a new obsession in our house (even my husband like to customize the car!) You can purchase the car exclusively at Toys 'r" Us, and now available at Target. My daughter loved the car because it had "ears" and has since become her Mickey Mouse Club house car-oh the imagination!

* A big thanks to MomSelect for supplying the cars-all thoughts are my own*


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