Thursday, April 4, 2013

Car seat must have-Little Bean Creations foot rest

You know that one think you buy and wonder how you lived before it came into your life? For me it is the Little Bean Creations foot rest:

Seriously before we owned the foot rest by daughter would climb into my car and then have to climb over to the middle arm rest step up and get in her seat. Needless to say my arm rest/center console was constantly covered in gross little shoe prints and mud. When I can across the foot rest at the ABC children's expo I knew it was something special. It is super easy to install and comes in grey, pink, blue. Now I know what your thinking-instead of a dirty armrest you now have a dirty little footrest attached to your car seat....well it is machine washable AND because it is so easy to remove I can easily take it off and wash it quickly. My daughter loves having a place to put her feet. According to Little Bean Creations:
"On average, children between the ages of 1 and 5 spend five and a half hours riding in a car each week. Car seats provide safety, but cause legs to dangle unsupported. The body position puts pressure on the lower back and legs and can cause discomfort. The car seat footrest helps reduce the pressure by supporting the feet and legs."

If you have any type of van or SUV and have a kiddo that has to climb all over the seats to get into their car seat I would say this is a must have! Even in my husbands little car my daughter loves have a place to just rest her legs without dangling like a rag doll.


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