Friday, March 1, 2013

Unique Easter Gift Idea: I See Me!

Looking for something special for your special little someone? Introducing I See Me! Books. This book is truly amazing-each is personalized for your child! 

The book prints your child's first and last name as well as a special message to your child. We have the My Very Own Name book which tells the story of animals using the letters in my daughters first and last name. After reading the book a few weeks my little one can now spell her last name! I See Me! has won so many awards and has been featured in In Touch and People Magazine. Other titles include birthday themes and holiday themes. Can you imagine your little ones face finding a book from the Easter Bunny that was made just for them! I absolutely love personalized gifts and this is especially great because of the intellectual value. As a bonus if you order now you can 
save $5 off your Easter order when you enter coupon code "HOP" at checkout at Minimum purchase $19.95. Expires 3/15. Last day to order for standard Easter delivery is 3/15.
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