Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring break is right around the corner-is your car potty ready?

Spring break is right around the corner and we have big plans! Well by big plans I mean we are going to drive with our "big girl" ten hours and try not to stop....oh how this sounded like a grand adventure last month! Now I am frantically trying to prepare and not forget on the look out this week for my adventure on packing for a long car ride and how I plan to keep busy!

The first thing that I must not forget is the precious little bear. He is a raggedy old little lovie that I have an overly obsessed fear of losing. Once he was lost in at a store for a whole ten minutes and we actually got in the car and drove half way home before we knew he was missing-eek! I thought for sure he was a goner and going to be tossed in the trash...lucky me an employee found him that also had a small child and knew he must be valuable because of his appearance.

Second thing on the list that I think is the most important is a potty. Have you ever been driving though a corn field with no exit in sight and have a toddler screaming "I have to potty and I have to potty now!". This very thing happened to us while driving home for Christmas and needless to say we had no plan or place to stop....the car seat will never fit the same thanks to the fact that I will never be able to get the cover to fit as well. After that incident we bought on of those plastic potty seats and once again had to pull over for an emergency stop. This was worse than the wet car seat-when my daughter stood up she kicked the seat over and needless to say there was potty mess everywhere on her and then I came to realization I did not have a sink or tub to rinse the seat! That was worse than then time she had to go behind a tree-another story for another day.

After all of the failed attempts I finally found a solution-Kalencom's Potette Plus. Have you ever seen this potty seat?
If you have not seen the seat in person (our babies r us carries it) look at all the great reviews on Amazon and it is even available for purchase. The seat has been a lifesaver for our indecisive little girl. She always has to go at the worst time and now I can meet her demands. At the park and she refuses to use the port a potty? We just go to the car and I get a bag and the potty seat-she is happy and content because the seat is familiar and her size and I am happy I do not have to go in some of the not so clean bathrooms.  Did I mention that the potty folds up in a nice drawstring bag so I can easily have with me at all times-we bought one for each car and have one for the diaper bag just so we are always prepared. Potette Plus also has leak-proof liners that I will be getting for the long drive that be disposed of like a diaper. If you will be traveling this spring break or have a new little one just starting out on the potty-the Potette Potty really keeps things consistent which is key! 

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  1. You crack me up-I can just imagine a potty seat dumping in your car...hope it wasn't a rental!