Monday, February 18, 2013

See 'n Store Saves the day again!

Do you remember before Thanksgiving how I gushed about the See 'n Store well it has saved my day once again! My daughter is no longer a fan of just enjoying the sights on our walks which means I do not get to go as often....imagine how slow she can walk and how long a mile can take! So then I thought of how the See 'n Store made our holiday shopping a breeze and decided she can get her 30 minutes tv time in while I work out. It really is a win, win-she gets to watch My Little Pony and I have to complete the walk in 30 minutes or less.

I also love how I can have my water right at my level and do not have to take a bag on our walks. It really is a great stroller organizer that allows you to have everything right at hand and not have to bend over every 10 seconds for a snack, tissue, toy, etc. Just look at all the pockets-even a safe area for your phone! 

I know I personally will leave home without it on the stroller. Even when little miss does not need the tablet we can easily have everything in reach and my husband does not have to carry the pink floral diaper bag (his favorite part is that it is black, ha). If you have any plans to travel this summer or have a squirmer this is a great product to keep everyone sane. You can buy the See 'n Store here and find many more fantastic products. Even if you child does not get a ton of screen time (we do 30 minutes a day) this is a perfect organizational tool for any new mom or mom to be! 

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