Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crafty Me Monday: Entryway Boot tray!

So it is winter-this means socks full of water when I walk into my snow covered mud room. I had one of those plastic trays but all it did was keep the shoes wet and create a pool for my daughter's not only did I have to drain the tray I had to clean mud soaked figurines.

Here is the project:


Boot tray-target $4
Rocks-$1 each at dollar tree

1. First I thought I would glue the rocks down so I started to use the glue gun...

2. decided this was a nightmare and would not work a "pintrosity" if you will so I just dumped the rock in

3. love that I did not glue them down because I can now easily wash in the sink when they get muddy. I just use an old strainer and rinse the rock off.

Another semi success!


  1. I did this with those fish tank stones to add color. Liking your new craft ideas

  2. Thanks so much-Love the fish tank stone idea. I saw those in pink in seashell shapes maybe I will make my daughter her own smaller mat with a mermaid theme!

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