Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Healthy Looking Skin by Spring

Another big change for me this year is taking better care of me....that's right I said it-me, me, me! Ok so as most of us know once we have a family our personal health and appearance take a toll. The first time my new baby spit up on an overpriced sweater I was like ok I need to wear clothes I don't care about that can get dirty. Fast forward almost four years and I am still that yoga pant, ponytail, makeup free mom. Now this is not a bad thing but the other day when I put on a pair of "real pants" and a cardigan my husband told me how nice I looked-yikes! Time for a change....I started at the top and worked my way down....when did I get all those mouth lines and wrinkles! My skin was so dry and blotchy not to mention the whole flock of crows living near my eyes. So I began my hunt online of  course and found Yves Rocher's Anti-Age Global Collection. 

I began to use the cream as soon as it arrived and waited for the results. I myself was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of my skin after a week. My skin seemed to glow and the wrinkles and lines skin was firmer and not blotchy! Now what about the crows feet and bags? The Complete Anti-Aging Eye Care is my new must have! The bags under my eyes and crows feet are virtually gone. I now actually look like I am my age and not so tired. So what is the secret that makes Yves Rocher's products so much better than others on the market? I think it is the plant source cells that constantly renew. The company has two patents pending on their research innovation and contains 90% natural ingredients with no Paraben or mineral oil. You can order your Yves Rocher's Anti-Age Global Collection here.

Stay tuned-we will be giving Yves Rocher products away in May for Mother's Day!

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  1. This sounds like a great product!! I am having problems with crows around my eyes these days, as well.