Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another big change-Introducing Crafty Me Monday

So I have thought about this long and hard and really want to get back to the roots of my blog. So from now on each Monday I will feature a Crafty Me Monday post....I will post step by step projects as I work to design our forever home and manage the clutter. Sometime it may be great other times it may be a disaster but I want to share my ideas at least one a week.

So without delay here is project #1-The Art Display!

My daughter brings home so much artwork from school I am running out of places to hang it and some gets destroyed on the fridge from falling on the floor or being smashed in the door. So here is my solution:

Now on to how we created this "masterpiece"

Materials Needed:

Wooden letter or decals- I used the painted baltic birch wood letters in zennor LET font from Craft Cuts
Curtain Rod-I bought mine at target for $6
Curtain Rod clips-I bought mine at target for $3

1. I choose to hang the curtain rod first so I knew my letters would be in the right place-it easily screwed into the wall

2. I then attached the clips and the art work so I could get a feel for how low the bar was on the wall in case I wanted to move higher

3. I hot glue gunned the letters directly to the wall-I have done this in the past with toy room letters and they have been up for 3 plus years.

* I may add another rod underneath for a completed look but for now I can easily rotate out the artwork, hang it to dry, and change the scenery quickly*

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  1. lovely way to hang art-looking forward to more crafty posts!