Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vita Coco-perfect summer drink!

Looking for a nice refreshing juice box for the kids this summer? Vita Coco is a great substitution for all the “junk” juice drink boxes on the market. They are available in apple island, very cherry beach, and paradise punch. Vita Coco Kids drinks contain about half the sugar and half the calories of leading kid’s juices. Plus each one has 25% of your kids’ daily recommended vitamin C intake!
 So the really important question-how do they taste? Well we had a “planting party” this past weekend and invited all of little misses friends over to help garden and the drink boxes were a huge success! Naturally occurring electrolytes in Vita Coco Kids coconut  water help to keep  kids    hydrated. Apple Island seemed to be the favorite among the 4-5 year old crowd and the little bitties preferred the Paradise Punch. Each child asked for at least two and I was happy to hand over a drink with a ton of flavor and a little sugar. The parents were impressed with the overall juice box look. Have you ever had a juice box “accident”-you know when your little darling squeezes that triangle box and juice goes everywhere? The Vita Coco drink boxes are such a great shape that it seems each child was able to hold the container without squeezing the juice everywhere. Each Vita Coco Kids drink is packed in a spill-stopping Tetra Pak aseptic wedge (made of an eco-friendly wood fiber) to    keep it fresh without harming the environment! 

Overall the kids were very happy with the taste and the characters on the container and the parents were happy with the ingredients. You won’t  find any high fructose corn syrup in Vita Coco Kids  
coconut water, plus every drink is gluten-free and vegan. So happy to have found a “fun” juice box that is also healthy! 

*A Big Thanks to Moms Meet for a great party and the juice boxes*


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