Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tea Time!

This weekend we had the privilege of hosting a Cadbury Tea Party! All the girls were very excited to get a new fancy tea hat and drink tea from "real tea cups". My daughter & I are huge fans of the Olympics so we wanted to have a party leading up to the big day full of one of London's necessities-tea! Although we served lemonade and Cadbury Ice Cream bars the party was fantastic. Each girl had there very own hat and took turns playing USA Olympic themed games. The girls even had a chance to make there own bracelet and USA sign in preparation for the games. The big finale was serving up Cadbury ice cream bars in chocolate, vanilla, carmel, and almond. My favorite was the chocolate ice cream covered in smooth chocolate. The ice cream was sweet without being so overpowering when mixed with the chocolate. My husband who is not the biggest ice cream fan loved the carmel bars and thought they were the perfect size and a great summer treat. Be sure to look for the Cadbury Ice Cream bars at your local grocery!

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