Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Make this happen!

So I will be the first to admit that I live a pretty comfortable lifestyle. Does that mean I live in 250,000 dollar home and drive a Mercedes- no but I do have a car, middle class home, and food to put on the table for my daughter. My husband and I have recently made a bet to see who can loose the most weight and get a new "toy". Well of course I wanted an outrageously priced pair of shoes and started to search... well in my search I found an amazing story. A women wants to get her 30 year old daughter a pair of christian louboutins for her sounds like she had her daughter young and worked her butt off to provide. I just had a birthday myself and am approaching the 30 mark so I know what a big deal an amazing birthday present can be-really a total life changer! There are over 2500 hundred of us and if we each contribute less than a dollar this women can get her daughter her shoes. I found it amazing that on this site people are asking for all kinds of things and she was honest-her daughter wants shoes that they know are a huge luxury and she is doing what she can to get them! I know as a mom myself I would do anything for my kids and I want to do something for someone else for once! Who is with me....let's get this lady her louboutins before her daughter turns 30!

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