Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to School time-are you snack ready?

So we have a little over a month before the kids go back to school-I cannot believe how fast summer has gone! Lucky me I do not have to get any supplies this year and all the kids will have the same book bag so only one thing to worry about-snack! At our school we have to provide snack for the week a few times a year and it has a ton of restrictions. One snack that is both approved and loved by all is fruit snacks! When I do send fruit snacks into class I want to make sure that they are healthy and not just "junk". Surprisingly this is harder to do than you would think...rarely do they have much more in them then sugar and juice concentrate. Luckily Motts has released new fruit snacks made with real fruit and vegetable juice! They offer two varieties including berry and assorted fruit. I was nervous that my daughter would not like them because they were not princess or cars themed but she loved that they were "squishy". We have had some fruit snacks in the past that were hard as a rock and impossible to chew!

Want to win? 4 lucky readers will win a prize pack containing 6  boxes of fruit snacks (3 of each flavor). What better way then to get a head start on snack shopping!
“Disclosure:  The product, gift pack, information, and additional sample have all been provided by Mott’s® through MyBlogSpark.”

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