Friday, June 29, 2012

Nothing worse than the smell of wet towels!

So as you know my daughter is a baby fish and constantly in the pool. We have picked up more swim lessons and with the heat it means we have wet swim suits and towels all over the place. I cannot seem to keep up with the laundry...not sure if it is exhaustion, heat, or pure laziness but it is NOT happening. So yesterday I washed some in my free & clear scentless soapp and they still smelled so musty! I was really dissapointed because I absolutly HATE when you go to dry off with a towel and it has that smell. So I decided to crack open the bottle of gain that I received and give it a try. Normally I do not like heavy scents but something about the smell made me think of summer and just light summer days. So I used it on the towels that sat the longest and when the dryer was done they had the perfect scent-not to overwhleming and just fresh enough to smell when the towel was near your face. Just look at all the varities available:

Your clothes will smell great and be super clean. I think we have officially found our new scent-no more musty towels!

*All thoughts are my own-thank you to Gain for providing me with product*


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