Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It finally happened....I almost peed my pants

So as you know my daughter is on a so called "tour de bathrooms". I swear everywhere we go she has to go into the bathroom and look around....this means hand sanitizer galore and a very unhappy mommy/daddy. While I did not understand why she couldn't just use the bathroom while it was right there and had to wait to make a mad dash at the worst time I now know the urgency of having to go when you have to go!
So here it is my worst nightmare for all to read...being out with family on a fishing trip and having to go like nobody's business. I rush over to the bathroom shack and there is no way my butt is going to touch anything in that place. There was no way to hold on to anything or do the squat stance either so back I went to the sound of water and a very full bladder. I swear I was contemplating either peeing behind a tree with no toilet paper or wetting my pants and tossing them in the bladder was that full! Lesson of the story I ended up with an infection from holding in my pee for way to long. So I knew someone amazing, intelligent person had to have come up with a solution for the squat and pee or hold it until you burst problem. Introducing my new find Go Girl...a great device that woman can use while standing up! No longer is my husband the only one that has nothing to fear when he enters a public restroom-I now have the power to also pee standing up! Go Girl is very easy to transport and hygienic. My Go Girl is now in my glove box so I am prepared to use it anytime the situation arises. I always toss it into my purse when going on shopping trips because let's face it you never know what will be behind that bathroom stall. What about the mess? Go Girl has a patented splash guard that prevents your hands and clothes coming in contact with the urine-I cannot tell you enough how simple it is to use! This is a must for camping trips, long car rides filled with rest stops or anytime you may find yourself away from the toilet. Just look at this amazingly discrete tube that fits anywhere.

Go Girl comes in two styles with many options-don't wait until you realize you wish you had a Go Girl get one today!

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  1. I actually love this. Would be great for camping or kayaking!