Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My day in a nutshell-a must read for anyone feeling bad about their day!

Here we go-my day in a nutshell-if anyone out there is having "one of those days" would love to hear it (hey we make each other feel a little better)

So woke up-cat spilled my glass of water in the night into CLEAN laundry...looks like that needs to be redone,sigh
toddler tantrum because she can't eat chocolate frosted donuts for breakfast-crisis over we compromised on fruit loops.  toddler tantrum #2-wants cereal in the red bowl which is the dishwasher which is currently running (I promise you she is the world's greatest she just wants to flex her muscles today)
Morning finally coming to an end and all seems peaceful-we have a friend over for a play date. All is going well they are having a great time and I decide to open a pepsi and sit for a few seconds when my daughter yells "bathroom!" I know what you are thinking-"oh no her daughter had an accident" but that is not even close. I go with my daughter to the bathroom leaving her friend in the playroom one room away. Well my daughter does her thing and here is what I return to....a toddler covered in pepsi, a couch covered in pepsi, a couch covered in pepsi, and the kicker my laptop covered in pepsi! As soon as our little toddler friend looks at me she drops the can adding a carpet now covered in pepsi. So now I am using my husbands laptop...lets just say I am not a PC and he is-why are these buttons in all the wrong place-I need my MAC!!! So ladies (and gentlemen) that is my fine day so far (its only 2) Lets hope it can only go up from here.....


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