Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wilson's Restuarant & Ice Cream Parlor- Door County

Let's move to food on the peninsula- Wilson's is a must do in my opinion! It has that old time feel with great food and service.  The restaurant has been in the heart of Ephraim since 1906.  The pride and love of the restaurant really oozes through on all levels-from the enthusiastic welcome to the welcoming wait staff.

My daughter loved that it was right across from the park with easy access to the water and boat rentals. My favorite was the one of a kind rootbeer. Wilson's makes their own recipe and it is the perfect balance. I am not a huge soda drinker and I found it just right without to much carbination or overwhelmingly sweet. It also came in a perfectly chilled glass then kept my drink cool the entire meal.

 For our meals we had a blt and hamburger-both were cooked to order and came out perfectly! The blt was cooked to perfection with the just the right amount of crunch. I liked that I had a variety of sides including chips and coleslaw. The coleslaw was beyond fresh and creamy-perfect for a summer day.

 My daughter loved her meal and that she had choices other than fries.

 We ended our meal of course with dessert. The ice cream was so cool and fresh on the palate it was a perfect end to a great meal. It was also very creamy and the sundae was made with love. I always love when ice cream dishes are brought clean especially to children! 

 My husband who is not a huge ice cream fan found the flavors perfectly mixed with a cool refreshing after taste. We enjoyed each portion of the meal and it was very affordable. Whether you are stopping in for an entire meal or a scoop of ice cream you will not be disappointed! 


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