Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Door County Kayak Tours

Wisconsin would not be complete without an outdoor adventure. We decided to go kayaking with  Door County Kayak Tours.  The company offers so many great tours including a cave tour, bluff tour, wetlands tour, shipwreck tour, sunset tour, and private tours. We decided to go for the cave tour but
the weather was not cooperative during our stay. They do their best to go out when conditions are safe but our amazing guide decided it best to take us up a river and out on a lake. 

 The pre-instruction was spot on and really helped those of us who have never kayaked in our lives. My daughter had a blast going through “lily pad village” leading up to the lake and we had a chance to see some ducks enjoying the sunshine.  My favorite was that the guide will also takes photos of you on the tour which was a huge plus-no need to take your phone and possibly drop it in the lake! The tour was the perfect size group of many different talents. We were by far the least experienced and never felt left behind or like we were not included in the experience. Our guide was also easily acceptable whenever you were in trouble or paddling the wrong direction. As a bonus she also gave us a quick tour on our way to the lake and took us to the caves even though we were not able to go through. Overall a great first kayaking experience to bring out a little bit of outdoor adventure. 
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