Monday, August 25, 2014

Are you ready for an "epic" experience?

 As you know I am a huge fan of Luminess Air. The makeup always goes on smooth and looks amazing. We even used our system for all the girls in my best friends wedding so when I heard the had released a new product I had to try it! Epic is the latest and greatest that takes all the guess work out of using your system. In the past you would have to watch the cd or youtube video then use your stem-not anymore! Epic has a build in display screen that has many tutorial videos right on the system. That is right-its like traveling with your own personal makeup artist!  I will be using this coming weekend for a barn wedding. We will all be in cabins without electronics which will not be a problem thanks to the easy to use videos. Plus I love how easy the system is to pack and travel. No more bag of tiny bottles and creams only to leek all over the suitcase.
So most importantly how does the system rate? The system goes on so smooth and delivers a flawless application. I love the weightless feeling while looking fresh faced. Epic is a must have to anyone that loves to look their best without the cakey makeup feeling. The system allows you to pause the videos easily while using the system so you can make sure you get a flawless look without being rushed. Not sure if airbrushing is for you? Check out the Luminess page for tips & tricks and learn how easy flawless can look!   Be on the look out for an upcoming feature during fashionista week in October!


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