Sunday, September 29, 2013

Learning fun for home and the classroom!

Have you seen the new LeapReader? It is now available for purchase in most of your favorite stores including our favorites Meijer & Target! The reading and writing system is perfect for ages 4-8 and really keeps kids busy!
This year I will once again be room mom for my junior kindergartner and had the privilege of taking two LeapReaders to school (a big thanks to MomSelect and LeapFrog!) It was a combined class party with twenty four 4-5 year old's that were eager to play and engage while focusing on a frog unit. I thought it would be a great blend into the unit and a perfect station to really see how well the LeapReader worked and held the attention of so many children. So what was the fan favorite? The Monsters University 3D Book! The kids loved the 3D glasses and most took a pair home because the glasses were "magical".
What did the mom's like? The top must have was the Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil and the Talking Words Factory Flash Cards. Everything was such a great mix of play and learning that each of the classrooms is keeping a LeapReader in the classroom for free choice.
I enjoyed watching the children play with each of the activities and "teach" each other how to work the LeapReader. I found it easy to transfer from activity to activity and very easy to use without having to read a huge how to book. We plan to buy little miss one for the holiday and include all the princess books and flashcards. What is your favorite LeapFrog product?

*I have received the LeapFrog products to host a sponsored classroom party. All opinions are my own*


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