Monday, September 24, 2012

End you summer on a high note with Arbor Mist

So we officially are seeing an end to all the warm weather which means it is time to "wrap up" the summer fun. SheSpeaks and Arbor Mist have teamed up to give summer a great send off with a cool drink! Arbor Mist has new Frozen Wine Cocktails that have a great splash of fruit and wine. They are perfect for an outdoor party, barbecue, or girls night in. The pouches are so easy to use and make it easy to enjoy great flavor simply throw them in the freezes for a few hours, gently massage, tear open the pouch and pour into a class-no more mixing and blending!
The cocktails are available in blackberry Merlot, strawberry white Zinfandel, and white pear pinot grigio. I have had the opportunity to try each and must say that all offer a little something different. The blackberry Merlot is my favorite-it has the strongest taste of alcohol but is really smooth and the right amount of tart and sweet. I am not a huge blackberry fan but the drink was a perfect mix. The strawberry white Zinfandel was a perfect summer drink with a nice splash of light wine and strawberries....this will be my go drink for the pool. The pear pinor grigio was the most surprising-not often do I find anything pear flavored that I like but it was a smooth sweet taste that didn't feel forced. Overall I would each of the three for any occasion because they all compliment each other well and have just the right amount of a fruity taste-who says wine has to come from a bottle!


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