Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another great gift idea-Babee Covee!

 Ok so everyone knows how I love, love, love great new products made my moms. Nothing is better than something practical and original made by a mom just like me...well a mom with much more creative insight but you get the point. So what is my new love? It would be the Babee Covee which six amazing uses-patent pending to enforce how the Babee Covee is a must have! So what does the Babee Covee do? It is an infant car seat cover, a stroller blanket, shopping cart cover, nursing cover, high chair cover, and playtime blanket. This is truly one of of those shower gifts that can grow with the child and has so many practical uses....we all know we have a whole bunch of shower gifts that were never used or not practical! Here is the amazing Babee Covee in action:

The product is made in the USA and has received many awards including the Mom's Choice Award.  For me the one stand out thing besides the practicality of one item having six purposes is the incredible texture. If you could imagine a blanket made of clouds it would be close to how soft the Babee Covee feels on the skin. It has this incredible border and is double sided with am super soft texture. It is made for newborns through the toddler years and I have a strong feeling it will become little misses lovie and stick around far after the "baby days". Lucky for us Babee Covee loves ffmoo readers and wants to over you a $5 off any purchase code! Use "5Babee" at checkout and receive your discount today! Wait there's more (I have always wanted to "say" that!) You can enter to win a great prize in Babee Covee's monthly facebook giveaway! I really think that this company is going to sky rocket over the next year and will be the must have on every baby registry. Be sure to visit the facebook page and website for other amazing products including the Babee Covee buddy! 


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