Thursday, February 16, 2017

Great healthy snack without all the chemicals and dye-Yes please...we love Nick's Sticks!

We are always on the lookout for easy snacks that are also healthy. I became very ill a year ago and found it necessary to switch to all non gmo/organic/and grass fed products. We found out that I was allergic to all yeast and sugar products. I had no idea at that time it would be such a struggle finding delicious food that was also free of nitrates, antibiotics, hormones, and sugar!

As a family on the go I found it super frustrating to have anything portable that my kids would actually eat and that was healthy. When I heard about Nick's Sticks I knew we would have to try it since my daughter and husband love beef sticks and jerky!

After much searching I stumbled upon Nick's Sticks. As the slogan says it is "All of the goodness and none of the garbage".
There are four flavors of sticks- beef sticks, spicy beef sticks, turkey sticks, and spicy turkey sticks. My favorite are the turkey sticks- I love the texture and great taste of the turkey. My daughter loves the spicy beef sticks-she says they are just the right about of hot! 

Nick's Sticks has also just released jerky! I am so excited to try all of the flavors and find the perfect midday portable snack!

You can order Nick's Sticks here and choose if you would like it by the pack or a monthly delivery. Have you tried Nick's Sticks? I would love to hear what you think! 


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