Friday, September 23, 2016

Welcome home-experimenting with peel and stick back splash

Our first room to redo is the kitchen. The entire house was painted beige when we moved in and was very dated so we knew that a little color and new appliances would really help bring the home to life.

The first step was picking a color. I went with a soft green paint that would be easy to clean and not very bright. We also changed everything to stainless steel appliances to make the kitchen pop. The biggest challenge was installing the new back splash.  I was very nervous about the overall appearance and quality of the "stickers".

Here are some tips:

1. Begin in a place that is not in the middle or in the open. We started behind the fridge which was wonderful since the first few pieces were crooked.

2. Once you stick it leave it-I tried removing several pieces and either ended up with ripped chunks of wall or with non sticky back splash.

3. Start in the corner-we had one spot that was very tricky and I tried to piece together other pieces making it look a bit crazy.

Overall I would say the room was a success and with the peel and stick I can easily change my mind! Now for the after photo:


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