Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mini vacation weekend-Atlanta, Georgia

This weekend we are in Atlanta, Georgia at the World of Coca-Cola!
I was not sure that it would be great for our six year old but we took the chance and could not have been happier. After watching a short film you are released into the rest of the building to explore on your own path. Our first stop was to see the Coca-Cola polar bear-he was so realistic and spent time with each was the highlight of my trip watching my daughter interact with the life like bear.
After a short visit it was time to visit another area to see how things are bottled and prepared-my daughter had a ton of questions and was very intrigued to see how things were done in the past. In another room we also were able to hold the Olympic torch which is such a special treat! My husbands favorite room by far was the vault:
We were able to explore and learn more about the trusted secret along with an art room and many other rooms filled with facts and information-who knew a soda factory could be so fun!  After a day of exploring it was time for our final stop-the tasting room. It is a large room of soda from around the world that you can try along with the new free style machine.
We had so much fun comparing sodas from all over the world and picking our favorite! It was such a fun family day full of interesting facts and memories. My daughter still talks about my husband "setting off the coke alarm" in the fault room-if you visit be sure to stay off the yellow line! 


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