Saturday, January 24, 2015

Home Made Lego Table!

Have you ever stepped on a Lego? It feels like a million tiny swords hitting your foot all at once! My daughter had a "storage" person for her legos but they always seemed to be dumped all over the floor while she searched for the perfect color. So I came up with a great solution-both cheaper than your average Lego table and easy for her to keep organized.
I found these 6 drawer storage units at target and they have wheels which is an added bonus. We ended up sorting legos by color, 1 drawer for instructions, and one for people/accessories.

Supply List:
2 storage carts with wheels
1 lid to a long storage tote
3 lego board pieces 

Step 1. We put the wheels on the cart

Step 2. We put the lid on top of the two carts-it had a nice lip that caught and gave it the "nailed down feeling"

Step 3. I glued 3 lego panels on the top- this was the priciest step. Each piece was 7.99 may be cheaper online but we found at target and wanted things done in one weekend

The results:

All pieces have stayed in the drawer and our feet are safe!


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