Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monster High Dollhouse Makeover

Are your girls obsessed with Monster High Dolls? My daughter loves monster high and ever after so I really wanted to give her a special place to play. I found this dollhouse on clearance at target:
The material was a bit "slippery" so I bought the cover all paint at the craft store. It took roughly two coats per room but here is the final project:
Luckily we had a ton of monster high furniture laying around from various playsets including the lower level that is the music playset also on clearance at target. So was it worth the cost?

Dollhouse on sale $59.99
Paint $21.47

So roughly $90 to redo a house that my daughter will actually play with. Next step is to get fabric scraps and save the photos on the back of the boxes to decorate the walls. Overall an easy weekend project if you have an old dollhouse and monster high loving little girl in your house!

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