Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tea Time

It is hard to believe that summer will be over for our house in three short weeks...even worse I only have so many summers left before the girls are ready to be with their friends and I am only the taxi. This summer we decided to continue the tradition of "tea time" with lemonade and Cadbury ice cream.
Step one was to make some delicious lemonade:
Little miss was in charge of squeezing all the lemons while we boiled the was so easy and such a joy to see her face that she was making all the drinks for the party. MomSelect went above and beyond this year with supplying hats and the most delightful tea set-just look at the detail on the cup:
Of course this was also one of the hats provided which had all the little girls running around and pretending to be "Princess Kate" (I love that she is such a positive role model).  Of course it would not be a Cadbury High Tea Party without Cadbury ice cream! The biggest hit for the girls was ice cream base with the Carmel swirl...moms on the other hand preferred the dark chocolate coated bars. The ice cream was a perfect treat and just the right size for the girls. All of the mom's had a great time getting a chance to play dress up and wear large hats while pretending the afternoon away with out little princesses. The party was such a success and I could not have asked for a better afternoon with the creamy ice cream bars and refreshing tea cups of lemonade....even the dog had a fantastic time!

A big thanks go MomSelect and Cadbury #CadburyHighTea for the party kit! 


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